Rug in my grandparents’ living room stuck out to me as being peculiar, later realised that it’s 23 chromosomes and a double helix!!

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  1. They got it as a gift for having *normal* children. This was standard in the olden days. It denoted good genetics. If your rug had 24 chromosomes it let visitors know they were in for quite the tea party, as it informed them of possible awkwardness. It was sort of an “early warning system” if you will. This was actually quite common until around the mid 90’s when the Karen population started to rise. It was at this point that all rugs were regulated to accentuate overpriced lamps and kitchen accessories. This coincided nicely with decorative hand soap shaped like sea shells and guest towels that were never to be used. Potpourri was also at its peak, and led to the many drug variations we see today. Some of which are actually called “potpourri”.
    /s of course

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