“Please Buy Our Rocks!!!” [Credit to Joel Pett]

“Please Buy Our Rocks!!!” [Credit to Joel Pett]

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  1. I just love it when they tell you that you shouldn’t think of it as a purchase, you should think of it as an investment….

    I asked one guy how likely it was that my wife would let me sell it in the future. He said “probably not likely”. I told him it’s not really an investment then, is it.

  2. When I was over in Africa I went into a diamond store and was surprised to see that rings that would cost $3000 here cost just $400 for a similar cut and karat with a gold band. And this was considered a high end store. I was shocked!

  3. You don’t understand. They’re rare! They are so rare that you can find them in shops all throughout the city. They also aren’t as good as what we can make in a lab.

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