No longer dodge ram but ram dodge

No longer dodge ram but ram dodge

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  1. I still wonder why they just had to spin off the Ram name from Dodge. My father was pickup truck shopping for a new one and I said check out a Ram. He replied with “a wha?”. I then said a Dodge Ram. “Ohhh ok!” Then he understood. He knows Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, etc.

  2. Fun fact: dodge no longer owns the ram truck line, dodge exclusively makes cars and chrysler took over the ram production.

    This happened in like 2009 but i didnt know about it til i referred to a ram as a dodge and someone didnt believe me that they used to be dodge ram

  3. Lol thats funny cause they arent called dodge anymore. My buddy got an older dodge, he loves it but is always working on it. Not a bad truck, still prefer my super duty.

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