So. Much. Food!

So. Much. Food!

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  1. I have 2 large dogs. My niece asked me to watch her cat for her, said her cat loved dogs. What she didn’t mention was how much her little kitty loved dog food.

  2. Soon after.. he later starts grooming himself. Strangely, he notices cats taste like catfood. Weeks pass, he can’t get the thought out of his head.

    Not long after, cats in the neighbourhood start to go missing.

    This is how cannibal cat came to be.

  3. !Remind Me in 5 years when he’s a big Orange Bruiser

    I had a pure Orange Tabby like one of the bestest chill cats I ever had, and I’ve had a lot… and man could he purr – all night long even through his sleep right through til dawn.

    We were building a gi-ga-normic house deep in the woods and the little bugger came wandering out 6 weeks maybe, barely 2 months, with fleas and ticks shivering in the misty cold April morn

    I curled him up in a spare sweatshirt in a box on the passenger floor of my truck and ran the heat 20 minutes at a time directly on his head his little motor was purring

    At 9:30 the roach coach arrived and I procured a tuna fish sandwich from which I made a protein rich slurry he did lap up til his belly was round and full then he tried to clean himself but he just passed out into sleep… still purring

    Lunch was the same and he slept on my lap all the way home – keeping up with the purring

    I remember fondly how his tiny self fit in the palm of my hand when I washed him in the basement slop sink… mild shampoo and fine tooth comb and when being dried he stuck his little hind leg up out of the towel while licking it and yup, purring the whole way thru

    Now, one of the guys, a young Swedish fellow had said maybe his girlfriend could give it a home then the next day he said he asked and she said No… but I cut him off saying ‘That’s ok I’m keeping him”

    We were sitting on a load of wood by the driveway, taking braak when one of the guys asked what was I naming him. I looked over his shoulder and saw the sheet of plywood tacked to the tree spray painted with LOT 43 – and so it was, it was to be. (no lie)

    That cat was with me for 21 years, seen a lot watched me go through much including the divorce leaving just me and him now that the two others were already gone.

    When it was his time, the day before Thanksgiving, in a light rain falling, I left work early, took him to the vet, then back to the job as darkness fell and laid him down 4 feet deep in a thick patch of woods at the property line bordering a rolling cemetery where through the months before I watched deer and fox and pheasant, to name a few.

    What better place to release his spirit among the spirits of all other creatures.

    I drove home in a melancholy way, wet muddy and slightly chilled and stood in the shower for nearly an hour not wanting be in my house so totally alone which is exactly how Thanksgiving passed… on the couch with the remote and a bowl of spaghetti

    About a month later on the job late and dark and just leaving I glanced for an instant the shadow of a cat sitting next to the dumpster looking my way and when I looked back I saw it turn… then not run, but just vanish

    Lot 43 did come back one more time to say goodbye to me

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